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Please indicate order of preference for workshop and workshop dates. 

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Your appropriate non-refundable deposit must accompany registration.

All workshops require a $200 deposit.

The individual guest-lecture deposit amounts are on the guest lecture information page. Receipt of deposit
reserves your place in class. No registration will be made until deposit is

Your registration fee includes:

  • Instruction, written materials, & hands-on experience

  • Certificate of completion

  • 5% Discount for students  


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Please help us get to know you by taking a moment to complete our clinic survey. Thank you.

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  • Have you had courses in massage or related fields?
  • If Yes, where and when?
  • Do you currently work with animals?
  • Will you use this clinic information in your business?
  • You will bring your animal.   yes____  no____
  • You can be contacted at __________________day _________________night.
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  • Where did you hear about our clinics?_________________
  • On a separate page, please include a few words about yourself.

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